I absolutely believe that Confident Smile Dental has the best staff and dentist in the Limerick/Collegeville/Royersford/Trappe area. Dr. Iskender is kind and patient with you and is honestly the first dentist I have seen who really takes his time in doing the best work possible. He answers any and all questions regarding any work that needs to be done and he always makes terrific recommendations on products that will help keep your smile healthy and bright. I want to add that all of his staff are very caring and take time to listen to you as well. From the minute I walked in for my first visit I knew I had made the best choice. I highly recommend Confident Smile Dental to readers of this review and have already told my friends and family! Thank you Dr. Iskender and Confident Smile!!  

28 May 2016
Rocky Davis

  This is the second procedure I had done today a root canal by Dr I. As my last review stated he is wonderful. No pain again. He is a god to me. I love him and the whole staff. I would travel an hour just to him. Julie, Surie (hope I spelled it right) and Sabina just the greatest,caring and warm people I have ever encountered. Being deathly afraid of a dentist like I was I can say Dr I has 95% cured me. Still a little nervous but I will get over it. Thank you all again for being the wonderful caring office that you are Mrs Wingert  

26 May 2016
Laurie Wingert
Elverson PA

  First let me start with I'm 65 years old and deathly scared of a dentist. I mean like snake scared. I shake and get sick in the stomach. It was 10 years since I saw a dentist. My employer suggested I try Dr I. I have 2 front teeth one that needs to come out and the other root canal. I saw dr I for a consultations and thought the whole office was great but still scared. Long story short I just left the office and had the tooth pulled and a partial put in. I had nitro oxide and novacain I felt nothing. I can't tell you how happy I am to write this review on these wonderful people. Julie at the front desk is a doll so helpful and patient with me. Dr I he is the best and has restored my trust again and I'm not afraid anymore. I live in Chester county but will be traveling to confident dental for my dentist. All the staff are friendly, caring and just wonderful people. And as for Dr I he is competent caring wonderful dentist. Thanks to all of you for helping me get over my fear of a dentist.

22 April 2016
Laurie Wingert
Elverson PA

  I left a local chain dentist office. Their office staff was rude and seemed miserable. The hygienist was good but the doctor wasn't very experienced. So I decided to try a new dentist. My experience at confident smile was wonderful! The office staff was so nice! The hygienist was great and the doctor was amazing! Thank you confident smile!!!  

08 November 2014
Erin Myers

  I've been coming to Confident Smile Dental for the past four years. I moved out of the Limerick area two years ago but continue to make the drive to Confident Smile Dental because of the great team there. Sabina is always so friendly and puts me at ease. She is gentle and gives good advice on how to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Iskender is also very nice and professional. I actually enjoy going to the dentist!  

24 April 2014
Jeannette McDonald

  Excellent family experience with Dr. I and the Confident Smile staff. Professional, competent, evidence-based, considerate, and kind people at this practice. Clean beautiful office. Had our 1st 18th month dental visit (to establish and acclimate to dental visits) and it was so age-appropriate. The staff removed the fear from the visit as they handle pediatric patients effectively. He enjoyed brushing the monkey's chops with the big yellow toothbrush. We had so much FUN at the dentist!!!!  

17 April 2014
Pamela Shebby

  THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have had terrible experiences with dentists in my lifetime. Therefore, causing me not to see a dentist for about 15 years. I have been suffering, not able to smile, eat anything other than soft foods or bite into anything. My husband went to see Dr. I. Then my daughter and they both convinced me to go. It was August 2013 when I got the courage to go. I was greeted with the 2 of the most friendliest ladies I have ever met. They made me feel at ease and welcomed me. Dr. I pulled his chair up next to me and asked me what was bothering me the most at that moment. I said I was so embarrassed. He said okay, feel better? Now let me give you your smile back. He did some major work in 2 visits and by September, I had my smile back. Just in time for my presentation at work in front of all our employees and in time for our family vacation. I had a lot of pictures taken of me with a big smile on my face that vacation. I have about 1 more appointment to complete this process. Since then I have recommended several friends. I still can't believe I have my smile back. Loved the first week after when my co-workers walked by me saying "nice smile"! Thank you to all of the wonderful people at "Confident Smile"! My son is getting married in 2014 and now I wont ruin the wedding photos by not smiling!  

09 December 2013
Barb Detwiler
Trappe, PA

  I had not been to the dentist in 15 years, and I was very nervous about going back because I knew I needed a lot of work done. Dr. Iskender and his staff made me feel at ease, and very comfortable during my root canal, which they were able to do on the same visit! Even though I need some more work done, I know I am in good hands and I am feeling good about going back.  

22 August 2013
Aaron Schlosser
Royersford, PA

  I have been going to Confident Smile for a couple years now. My dentist retired and I was looking for a new one. I saw them and decided to try them out. I loved them. Everyone was so friendly and always took the time to make me feel like I was important and not just another patient. I had such a great experience that I made an appointment for my son to come in. We both get cleanings regularly and LOVE THEM! When I tell my son it's his time for his cleaning he is excited about it. Having a teenager who likes going to the dentist because he is comfortable with the staff and dentist is awesome!  

21 August 2013
Heather Cusick
Schwenksville, PA

  I have been living in the area for 5 years, but continued going to my childhood dentist 2 hours away in NJ. After my husband went to Confident Smile Dental and said it was great, I decided to be brave and try it. AMAZING. The hygienist was so gentle but thorough, and everyone from the Dentist to the Receptionist was SO NICE. I feel less fearful about going to dentists now :) Thank you!!  

13 July 2013
Amy Harris
Lower Pottsgrove, PA

  Finally found a Great Dentist that my whole family can go to. They have so much patience, even when I had a hard time holding my mouth open for some fillings. I am so happy with my smile and their professionalism. Thank you so much for being in this area and being a part of our family.  

13 June 2013
Sharon Phillips

  Having just moved back to the area, I needed to find a new dentist and was referred to Dr. I. First of all, it\\\'s really nice and convenient that you can schedule an appt through email. The receptionist, Kaila, is sweet, professional and welcoming. I was very pleased with my cleaning by Sabina. She is thorough and gentle and frequently checks to make sure you\\\'re doing ok. My teeth felt cleaner than they had after my other cleanings. Then I met the doc and told him about a sore tooth that had been bothering me for about a year after having a small cavity filled (twice - the first one fell out) by a dental assistant at another office. The tooth was so sore and sensitive, I hadn\\\'t chewed on the right side of my mouth since. Dr. I found that there was a small hole in the filling and suggested I have it refilled. After having this tooth filled twice I was not thrilled about having it redone and honestly did not think my tooth would ever be normal again. I expressed this concern to Dr. I and he reassured me that he could fix it. So I went back for my filling (only 2 days later!) and was thrilled to have Dr. I drill and fill my tooth himself! He didn\\\'t pawn it off on an assistant. Within a day, my tooth felt better than it had in a year and now, about 2 weeks later, I can eat pretzels and chew gum on the right side of my mouth! Overall, a great experience. I\\\'d recommend Confident Smile Dental to anyone.  

23 April 2013
Rachel Vogt
Royersford, PA

  I was quite impressed with Dr. Iskender, and Sabina. They were very thorough, very gentle, and quite friendly! Dr. Iskender gave me a very good feeling about the work I needed, which my previous dentist did not. Sometimes its hard to find a good doctor that you can trust. I'm quite happy that a friend recommended this team.  

03 April 2013
Steve Swanson
Phoenixville, PA

  Great with children! A true Family practice!! Being a \"dental-phobe\" my entire adult life, selecting the right dental practice was incredibly important to me. I found confident smile, a few years ago, and thought I would give them a try. When I walked in to the office I was shocked to see how professional it was. Seriously, it looks like a practice that should be on the Mainline. It is almost like visiting a salon for your teeth! Not only was I COMPLETELY IMPRESSED, with the way my (and my husbands) dental needs were met, I was THRILLED as to how they treated my small children. Both of my daughters (and soon my son) are patients at confident smile and they truly look forward to their biannual check-ups. Sabina is FABULOUS with my children. She always makes it a fun, educational experience for my them. Dr. I, Sabina and the entire confident smile team are just fabulous! I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a new dentist. In fact, I have recommended my mother and three other families to this dental practice. Each of them have thanked me for the recommendation because they are so happy with Confident Smile!  

02 April 2013
Jamie Matthews
Spring mount

  Dr. Iskender, Sabina, and the whole team at Confident Smile Dental are AWESOME! I am SOOO happy a friend of ours referred us to Confident Smile a few years back...Sabina\'s attention to details is NOT a common trait amongst cleanings I\'ve had from past hygenists..She is very thorough, while making it a very comfortable experience.. It\'s like going to the SPA for your teeth.. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to going to the dentist. I HIGHLY recommend Confident Smile Dental to anyone who cares about their teeth..  

06 February 2013
Jim MacKay
Collegeville, PA

  I had a really great experience with Dr. I and his staff. They really care about their patients and pay extra special attention to the smallest details. When I first walked in I was greeted with a big friendly hello from their receptionist who assisted me in filling out my paperwork. Next, I met Sabina their dental hygienist, she was very patient and gentle with my cleaning and X rays. Finally I met Dr I, his examination was very thorough and noted areas that I should pay special attention to. I left with a care package: a new tooth brush, toothpaste and floss. I was overly satisfied with the level of service that I received and will continue with Dr. I and his treatment recommendations to achieve my most confident smile. Thank You again!!  

01 February 2013
Amanda SIeber

  my husband and i have just recently (early november 2012) completed our first appointment with Dr.I and his lovely wife, Sabina - Sabina is the dental hygienist - Sabina was so gentle when she was doing the cleaning of my teeth and also while doing the x-rays - she noted that i have an especially small mouth - she went and found something (not usually used) for me to bite down on - and i never felt any pain at all when she had to widen my mouth for the x-rays - plus, she has the most outstanding personality - she makes you feel very special and treats you as family - yes, even on your first visit - then Dr. I came in to do the exam - he was so very much an outstanding and vibrant person who made you think that you were the only person he had in his office that entire day - he did his exam - and was so thorough that i was very happy with the results - we had been going to another dentist since 1973 and he, apparently, had been missing things - Dr. I had the same fantastic personality as his wife - now, onto the office staff - julie answered the phone the first time i called to ask about the dentist - she gave me such a glowing report about both Dr I and Sabina that she won me over via phone - - well, then i did all of my research on him - he, of course, came out like roses - - kayla is also a part of the practice - she has such a wonderful personality, as well - both julie and kayla can\\\'t do enough for you from the minute you walk in the door until the minute up you are walking out of the door - i would recommend this dentist to everyone - i simply cannot say how very pleased both my husband and i are - we are so grateful that we have found them - this is the first time i have ever written a referral - so i am probably a bit on the long side - sorry i wrote so much - but it was such an amazing experience for me that i wanted to share it with everybody thank you for fighting your way through my testimonial - p.s. i foregot to mention that Dr. I has the most up-to-date dental equipment - i had never seen anything like it before - in fact, he fitted me with a temporary crown and it was painless - totally different from what our previous dentist had been doing - Dr. I\\\'s way of doing dentistry is up-to-the-minute - and PAINLESS !!!!!  

19 November 2012
Kay Simon

  Wow! I have had the best dentists all of my life. I had all of my baby teeth pulled one at a time as a child because I could not shed my baby teeth due to my extremely long roots. Most all of my teeth have had multiple fillings. I have had 5 root canals and 6 crowns in the past. Being raised in the military, I have used many dentists and made an effort to always find the best dentist in whatever area I found myself living at the time. Dr Iskender is the best dentist that I have ever used. He is very patient and kind and takes the time to answer any questions that you may have. He made sure that I did not have any pain and checked his findings with x rays and excellent follow up throughout the process. His staff is exceptional, including the front office and his wonderful dental hygienist! Top of the line equipment, extremely clean office and a great location right next to starbucks! I decided to put my new movie star smile into his hands. In order to achieve this, I had to have one conplicated extration, 5 crowns and a bridge. This work was completed on all of my 'smile' teeth, 6 in all. Wow! What an amazing difference. I am so happy with my new dentist and my new smile that I took my whole family from their previous dentist into the wonderful and competent hands of Dr. Azad Iskender. My mother is changing her dentist too! I recommend him highly without reservation. And best of all, this amazing dentist accepts my insurance plan and has an in office insurance pan for those who do not have dental insurance. Go to Dr. Iskender. You will be Soooo happy that you did! I know I am! ;-)  

14 November 2012
Sheila Yeary
Pottstown, PA

  I have had a very terrible experience with dentists prior to coming to this office. I was so impressed with how the whole office atmosphere. It made me feel like home. Sabina realy took her time and did an excellent job...she has made me like coming to the dentist. I know have a place that I can now call home.  

10 September 2012
Ryan Thom

  I recently had an implant placed by Dr I and I was very nervous about the whole process and pain associated with this type of procedure. He explained the entire procedure that I needed to have done and answered all questions patiently and thoroughly. There were no surprises and I knew what to expect throughout the entire process. I am happy to say that I would gladly have another implant done with Dr. I if I needed one. His patience and gentle touch puts him above the rest in his field and I would recommend him for any service you need done.  

20 April 2012
Kelly Reilly
Bear, DE

  I discovered Dr. Iskender and Sabina about 7 years ago. Dr. I is so kind, gentle, and exceptionally talented. He did an amazing job restoring my old dental work and my husband's as well. We would travel far and wide to find Dr. Iskender and Sabina! Additionally, the staff at Confident Smile are just as great, and the office is gorgeous. We love Dr. I and Confident Smile!!!!  

10 April 2012
Jen Mostello
Media, PA

  We met with Dr. Islander several weeks ago to discuss Lumineers for our daughter. First of all, the office is beautiful, he and his wife Sabina who is also his partner and dental assistant as well as their secretary Lisa are all just incredibly nice! Clearly Dr. Iskander and Sabina are very knowledgeable and spent time with our daughter and my husband and I to go over everything with us. We felt immediately confident that our daughter was in very good hands! Well, we were so impressed right from the start. Our daughter just got her Lumineers and SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! Dr. Iskander is truly an ARTIST IN HIS PROFESSION!!! The Lumineers are absolutely PERFECT!!! Our daughter told us that her Lumineers were placed while she was made very comfortable in a dental chair that massaged her while Dr. Iskander went about his dental artistry, she said she was very comfortable, there was no pain whatsoever and came home and she is THRILLED with her new smile!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dr. Iskander, Sabina and Lisa - YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Mary Beth Wylie  

31 March 2012
Mary Beth WylieBethW

  I am very happy to finally find a dentist who performs on a different level of quality from the others. Experiense in this office in superb, i have spend good amount of time from one dental office to another throughout the years and happy to say that this will be my dentist for life. At the office I was treated with respect and care for my discomfort towards dentists . Results were outstanding and this office is \\\"QUALITY\\\" at its best. Thank you.  

27 March 2012
Thomas Magarov

  Dr.I and Sabina are such an awesome team! Just as their other patients, I never usually write a review about any place I go to, however, my experience is worth sharing. I usually hate going to the dentist because I’m afraid of what they would say or the pain I might feel, but that was not the case at all for my visit at Confident Smile. It was pain free and it did not take hours for Dr. Azad Iskender to perform a simple procedure! You can tell he knows what he is doing as a dentist. Not only do they try to make you feel comfortable with their new office and VERY relaxing chairs, but they actually remember you as a customer. I feel as though whenever I walk I for an appointment, they remember what happened with me on my previous visit. I always hear, “how was that test you were so nervous for?!” It’s just a very good feeling to know that these doctors actually care for their patients on a personal level making them feel at ease. As for Dr.Sabina usually when I used to get my teeth cleaned, the doctor would always cut parts of my gum and somehow the inside of my cheek. However, I never feel any pain when she cleans them! They also always look so much better before I used to get them cleaned. I am just so comfortable around them and I do not dread going to the dentist anymore. As well as the other reviewed customers, I too always recommend their office to family and friends when they are looking for a new dentist because I know they will not be disappointed! Thanks again Dr.I and Sabina !!!  

13 March 2012
Elza Grigoryan

  Before I met Dr. Iskender I was highly concerned for dentistry in general. I felt like my teeth were never going to be truly happy and beautiful. Regardless of the situation, he makes you feel at ease and comfortable during your visits. The office is equipped with state of art amazing technology. You also get hooked up with free brushes, pastes and floss after cleanings. I went for a regular check up as it turned out, I needed the old filling replaced. Even though his office had not planned on needing to spend an extra time with me, they made it happen! They were very busy to begin with but they still went out their way to provide me with what I needed. I recommend Confident Smile Dental to everyone I encounter. Thanks a lot Dr. Iskender and staff.  

08 March 2012
Tony C.

  I, being in the dental field for many years and working with various offices either front office work, assisting or consulting can’t say enough about this office! Fate came knocking at my door when I got the call to work with Dr. Iskender. I’ve been with him and his staff for over 1 month now and have already recruited a few of my family members as patients. That says a lot in that they knew some of the places I’ve worked in the past, I wouldn’t allow them to come. I can’t say enough good things about this office. Dr. I is very soft spoken and listens to your concerns. Sabina is an excellent dental hygienist who will inform you and instruct you from start to finish regarding your dental health. If you are the anxious, nervous type that “fears” the dentist, I encourage you to make an appointment and see how relaxing it can be. Don’t forget to ask to have the massage chair turned on or your favorite television show on the big screen TV; you can also bring your desired music along on your I-Pod. From the beginning of my working day until the end, I find it to be so very relaxing, consistent and fun! I am anxious to get some cosmetic work done myself as well as a dental implant (YES – I’m scared), but I know I’m in good hands here at Confident Smile Dental with Dr. Iskender. Love you guys – You’re the BEST!  

05 March 2012
Lisa Morgan
Kimberton, PA

  I can not thank Dr. Iskender enough for his wonderful service. He really put me at ease during my procedure. It was quick and painless! The office is very modern, and very comfortable. I am happy to recommend Confident Smile Dental.  

04 March 2012
Adam Z

  Finding a good, qualified dentist for yourself or family member can often be very stressful, much like searching for a needle in a haystack. Luckely I found one...at Confident Smile Dental. The office is very sophisticated with all new modern equipment and crazy gadgets to attack your teeth with. Everyone at the office, from receptionists, to hygenists, and Dr. Iskender were extremely helpful and courteous. Dr. Iskender explains everything that he is doing so you pretty much always know what to expect. Absolutely fantastic service.  

03 March 2012
Nicole W.

  Dr. Iskender & his staff have been JUST GREAT! His description of the procedure is very easy to understand and it appears he will do anything to save the tooth. I recently had to replace a crown. He could have easily sold me an implant. He did not and proceeded to save the tooth, give me a new crown and save money at the same time. My biggest fear was PAIN...he has a lot of options in his practice to eliminate pain and I was extremely grateful to him for his concern about keeping my fears & pain levels to a minimum. They treat you like you were part of their family. They respect your wishes at all times and that’s very important to me. Answers questions patiently and thoroughly. I find him extremely skilled accommodating. This is outstanding service which is not common today. I find his office to be superior in cleanliness health safety precautions. His entire staffs are ALWAYS helpful friendly. I feel I have the best dentist possible I recommend this office every chance I get.  

02 March 2012
Lolita Magarov

  I have NEVER written a review about a dentist's office before, but I was so impressed with Sabina (the dental hygenist) and Dr. Iskender that I wanted to share my experience. The office is clean, beautiful, and comfortable.The big screen TVs in every room are a nice distraction. OK- now let\'s get to the nitty gritty. After reviewing my medical history, Sabina got started on my xrays and cleaning. She noticed that the corners of my mouth were chapped and sore. She gently applied vaseline so I wouldn\'t be uncomfortable. Wow! I was impressed as I didn\'t even expect her to notice. Sabina began cleaning my teeth and used a combination of a water pic and dental tools to make the plaque and tartar removal as easy as possible. When my gums started to bleed, Sabina gently applied medicinal grade mouthwash to stop the bleeding. It didn\'t even hurt. She then polished and flossed my teeth to perfection and gave me a couple of pointers to keep my teeth healthy and my bleeding gums at bay. Then, it was time to meet Dr. Iskender. He was just as gracious and very thorough in his exam. Not only did he check my teeth, but he also carefully checked my lips, gums, and cheeks for any signs of an abnormality. I suppose all dentists are supposed to do this as part of their exam, however, I have never had a dental team be so thorough with my check up. The office treats children, offers a lot cosmetic options, and accepts insurances. I\'m so glad I tried Confident Smile. Please feel free to email me if you need any referrals.  

28 August 2011
Rachel Slosberg

  Dr. Iskender is a very good dentist I recommend him to all. He's very calm and caring for his patients. I know him very well, actually worked with him at point. You get the best results when your a patient of his. Just wanna say hi to you and Sabina. miss you! Very Happy for you and your new office.  

25 May 2011
Vanessa Schwartz

  l would never thought any dentist could fix my discoloured and decayed teeth until l visited Dr. Azad. Dr. Azad is patient and kind and a true professional and works with you until you are completely satisfied. Since l was a young girl, l loved laughing all the time and now l laugh with a lot of confidence and Wow how l look beautiful. Everyone is complementing me. l would not hesitate to recommend Dr.Azad to anyone,does not matter how your teeth look like but he can fix them. Try,try him and you will see good results. Congrats Dr. you brought my laughter and smile back again. Mary N  

17 May 2011
Mary Ndegwa

  I love my smile so much. It is amazing how great my smile is and how often I use it! I had been clenching and grinding my teeth during sleep for many years and had worn down their length considerably. Since I am nearing another milestone birthday (60), I decided to treat myself to a healthy new look. Dr. Iskender and his awesome staff made both the process and the procedure simple. I used to smile with my lips closed but now I eagerly smile my big, old grin. Thanks again Dr. Iskender and staff!  

14 April 2011
John NA
Wyomissing, PA

  Dr. Iskender gave me painless, quick, complete attention. I have never experienced these things with previous dentists. When I come to Dr. Iskender, I have high expectations. And he always exceeds them.  

14 April 2011
Mary Smith
Royersford, PA

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